About us

Anri Giken was founded in 1986 as a software company.  

In the early days, we worked on digitalizing hydraulic pressure actuator systems which were still analog processed in those days.

And now, we mainly work on designing and developing softwares and firmwares for hydraulic pressure actuator systems.

We offer you a package deal of design and development, from PC applications to control boards to meet your requests.

What's more, as a new project, we developed and released a generic control board, named "SUI-01" in 2017.

SUI-01 History

In 2010's, we had some cases that we had to give up because of firmware issues. The clients' requests were unable to realize with AD/DA on the commercial market, so we had to develop special hardware and firmware for each case. However, that cost was beyond the budget and we had to decline the offer.

That experience gave us an idea to develop a new generic control board. After a long struggling, we released SUI-01 in 2017.

By applying SUI-01 to control system, we succeeded in operating "complicated control in high speed ". Also, the overall cost was reduced because we no longer needed to develop hardware and firmware for exclusive use.

If you are interested in SUI-01, please visit PRODUCT page and get further information.

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Shun Miyaji (宮路 俊)
- Managing Director/ Founder -


Born in1960, a graduate of National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College. Worked for a software company and founded Anri Giken Co.,Ltd. in 1986.


I'm what I am because my family and friends helped me through, whenever I was in trouble.
I can never thank them enough for their support.

I have been in love with science since I was a boy. I always believed that progress in science would make people happier. However, if I turn my eyes on the modern society, I see a pile of difficult issues. A regimented society,Mass surveillance and freedom, and cultural diversity. It feels like watching kindergarteners playing with a machinegun. I wonder if we are really ready for the change.

I was called a daydreamer in my childhood and I still hesitate to call myself a grownup.
But, it's difficult to stay dreaming one big dream while dreaming a dream is easy.
Even if it's impossible to make the dream come true, I believe that dreaming is one of my abilities and will not stop going forward.

Lately, I'm especially interested in the beginning of the universe and its truth, the birth of life, and the reason people love art like music and paintings.

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