What is SUI-01?

The Hardware is a Generic Control Board with measurement AD and control DA equipped ARM CPU.It constantly AD-converts signals every 5~60μsec, process necessary calculations, then output control voltage on DA.


SUI-01 gives you
a High-Speed, High-Quality Control device
at a LOW price!!!

SUI-01 Abilities

・High-Speed Sampling by multi-Channel AD/DA by FPGA.
Synchronized Sampling at 10μsec.
Over Sampling Process.
AD16ch 18bit // DA 1ch 18bit // 8ch 16bit

・Synchronized Operation(AD Max.256Ch,DA Max.16Ch+128Ch)

・High-performance Control, enabled by applying Main CPU(M4) with High-Speed Floating Point Number Unit and Large Capacity RAM.

・4Ch High-Speed Communications with Computers on main CPU(M4) and other CPU(M0).

・Meet your requests by designing the Firmware, using the Basic Routines as a base.



Process Speed

By removing the calculation phase on PC, SUI-01 greatly improved the real time property of control.

Measurement and Control

The basis of SUI-01 is Measurement and Control by High-Speed Sampling at 5~60μsec. Basic process routines are prepared to process measured data.

1) Filter   
Processing Low path, Band path, and High path by IIR, FIR filters.

2) PID Control    
Basic PID Process routines   (D-Control supports exact differential and inexact differential.)

3) Signal Generation    
Basic Waves, Superposed Waves, Optional Waves of the Exponential function.

4) Various Calculations for Standing Wave Test    
・P-P Search    ・Basic Wave Calculation    ・RMS Calculation    ・Phase Calculation

5) 6 Coordinate Conversion

6) Timing Signal    
Send Timing Signals in accordance with the Sampling time or Condition.

7) I/O Process   
Process Abnormal Stop, by High-Speed Measurement and Condition Monitoring.

8) Cooperation with superior PC    
Sending Control Instructions, Condition Monitoring, Measurement Data and Control Data.

 Control very Hard Objects without any Shock.
 Stably Controls objects which change characteristics.
 Control in Unprecedented High-Speed by Calculating and Correcting on the Firmware.

SUI-01+ Firmware

  • Generate Control Waves which reduce Distortion rate of Real-time Responsive Waves.
  • Resonance Point Trace Control
  • Vibration Controller Device by PID Control
  • Arithmetic Control at 0.05msec(20KHz) of Uncommon Control.
  • Multi-spool Control by Using more than two Boards.(Also, able to Synchronize the Operations.)
  • More Advanced Control Operation by Communicating with PC.(Receiving Instructions and Control Data, Sending Measured Data etc.)

By using SUI-01 Control Board, you no longer need to develop specific hardware to deal with difficult cases which cannnot be solved by [Sequencer+Generic AD/DA + PC].
[PC + (SUI-01+Firmware)] is the New Solution!

You Don't need to Design and Develop Hardware.

As Firmware, SUI-01 has Function group like PID and Filters. Transmit and Receive Function group and generic DLL are also ready in PC.

Examples of Use

Durability Vibration   

Of tests which include Resonance Point, some tests greatly change its characteristics. However, we achive quick and stable control by evaluating measured data and changing coefficients dynamically.

Performance Test Vibration   

Function Generator
Not just simply generates waves,but able to generate waves in accordance with the conditions of AD,DIO. 

Motion Controller  

Send various kinds of parameters for calculation to Firmware, then control after coordination transformation. Multi-spool Control is also availbale by applying more than two SUI-01 boards.(MAX. 16 units)  

Position Control

Able to operate controls including PID process of electric/hydraulic pressure actuators.

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